Hey guy(and 'gals') So idk how many people will read this blog... but I want to post since we do absolutly NOTHING in my computer class. So if you have anything to suggest on what I should blogg about, you can comment? I think ;p. Soo yeah enjoy your day!



Hey Guys, so I got a new tumblr account, because I had an old one, but I fudged it all up....... typical. BUT anyway, I was hoping that you would go follow my new one: Thanks guys sooo much! Also sorry for not posting :\  I'll try some more :DD


The "Ask Madie" Name

So I've chosen the name for my Q & A video. It was suggested by MsMusicFreak4Ever. It is: Madie's Question Corner! I'm almost done with the first one, so I hope you like it!


Back To School!

So school starts on Wednesday, and I have started making a little Back to School Series called: Back to Skool. Here are what the episodes will be-

1. What I have to Bring to School - Back to Skool 1# 
2. School Q & A - Back to Skool 2# Part 1
3. iPads at School?!? - Back to Skool 2# Part 2
4. First Day of School - Back to Skool 3#
5. What to Wear - Back to School 4#


Hey There!!

Hi, and welcome to my Blog for my Youtube madchid22. Here I will be posting news about upcomeing videos, contests, pictures, and other fun things.  Please join this blog to get updates often. :D Thank you!